She was born to fly. Every morning she had a new goal of reaching the highest cloud she could see.  She giggled as she felt tickled when she landed on the soft cotton of the newest conquered white friend.
One gray day, she saw too many clouds.  The grayness of the sky reflected the grayness of her heart. Even fairies have sad days.  She felt like flying as flying was her nature, but on days like these, her heart begged for down time.
In down time she walked. She closed her eyes and walked as slow as she could.  She breathed deeply until she could feel her heartbeat. She felt cold, her heart missed the warmth.

“If only I could eat something sweet”, she said to herself.

Something sweet always brought her a sense of an inner hug.  She sighed as she saw only gloom, fog and darkness before her.
She found a thick furry leaf that invited her to crawl in.  She curled up like a baby and she soon fell asleep.  Sleep eased her heavy load.  Soon she arrived into dream world.  In dream world she saw herself in a strawberry field.  The smell of the sweet filled her soul, fed her heart.  She saw herself smiling.


She flew from one strawberry to the next.  She chose the one with the brightest red and she ate it delightfully.  A stream of juice covered her little fingers and chin. So abundant was the juice that she began to choke on it. This woke her up.  She thought of the strawberries in her dream and she smiled.  Her wings fluttered and she took flight into the gray clouds.  They tickled her the same.  She sighed and understood that this, was just another day in fairy world.